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The following is a listing of LINX Structures. These innovative designs offer simple efficient construction. Bow spacing available to match your needs. All drawings are job specific and come complete with installation instructions.

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The LINX 30' HYBRID is a straight side walled version of our LINX EXTREME structure. 1.90 " ground stakes and rafter bows 4' on center with bolted trusses with every rafter. The HYBRID can be covered with inflated double poly, pcss, pcrs as well as corrugated metal. The HYBRID is ideal for a staging or packing away as well as standard project applications. Natural ventilation as well as mechanical ventilation , heat and other equipment can be easily integrated. Contact us for a quote today !


The LINX CHALLENGER is a gothic profile and features bows on 4 centers. The CHALLENGER is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. The CHALLENGER is available in 17, 21 and 30 widths.

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The LINX EXTREME is a gothic profile and features bows on 4 centers along with truss bracing to add strength and hanging basket capability. The EXTREME is available in 30 and 36 widths. It is designed with strength and economy of installation in mind.

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The LINX OPTI is an arch profile and features posts and bows 4' on centers. All models come with complete installation instructions that make for easy and efficient construction.

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The LINX VISTA gutter connected greenhouse is available in standard widths from 24' and 30'. Standard roof profile is a 2 piece "gothic" with custom arch profiles available upon request. Custom sizes are also available out to 36'. Column sizes and spacing will vary with greenhouse width, gutter height as well as building location. Gutter heights from 8 to 16'. Gutter is galvanized steel with choices for poly fastening systems or pc adapter. Designed for poly or polycarbonate coverings. Scroll through to our LINX CONTACT page and share your name and contact details for an immediate design and quote.

High Tunnels

The LINX HIGH TUNNEL is currently any freestanding gothic or arch building that serves as a "season extender" or "seasonal" cover for in ground or above ground crops. Perfect for fruits, vegetables as well as a wide variety of ornamentals, a LINX HIGH TUNNEL structure is the first step in developing a fully controlled and operational greenhouse. Available is widths beginning at 14' and going as wide as 36', with post and rafter bow spacing typically 4' on center, a LINX HIGH TUNNEL is designed for fast installation and long term performance. Designed for poly covering, our LINX HIGH TUNNEL can provide quick cover for temporary as well as extended crop cover. LINX offers a choice of poly fastening systems for sides and ends. Add LINX roll ups sides and/or LINX roof vent for natural ventilation and basic air exchange. LINX steel end wall frames and doors are also an option. Click on the brochure for more details and/or scroll to our LINX CONTACT page to share your address and contact so we can QUOTE your LINX HIGH TUNNEL today!

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